Portable Sports Fields
There are countless new ways of playing with a ball. That's why we have introduced some solutions which promote creative ball games in schools, playgrounds and sports centres, where people of all ages love to burn off energy and have some fun. We are excited to introduce our range of portable sports fields.

PANNA FIELD from Ikadan
Go for small field intensity and stimulate motor function, ball control and technical skills. Then the Panna Field is perfect. From a technical point of view, it is based on a versatile flooring system, low rebound boards 60cm in height, practical posts, protective plastic fittings at top and bottom, with two secially designed goals. No special technical skills are required to assemble the field and it can be completed in less than an hour.

Huge in Europe, PANNA is a new type of football. It is played one-on-one on a small octagonal court with low rebound boards to keep the ball in play. A game lasts for two minutes and is won immediately if one of the players executes a "clean tunnel" or Panna against the other. Meaning a goal is scored through the opponents legs. A game is also lost immediately if a player kicks the ball out of the field.

The PANNA FIELD is great for other games as well, ensuring it is fully utilised. Hockey for example, which becomes even more intense and exciting within the confines of the field.

Field size: Octagonal field with 2m long rebound boards
Floor size: 5.5 x 5.5m
Field area: 25sqm
Floor area: 30.25sqm
Number of floor tiles (optional): 121

If you want more space, the PANNA FIELD can easily be enlarged to form a MINI FIELD.

With the MINI FIELD, Ikadan has set new standards for the physical surroundings of ball games. The rebound boards are the same size as used in the PANNA FIELD, however, the field is much larger in size. So that makes plenty of room for fun activities, no matter whether you prefer hockey, football, hand ball or something entirely else.

Thanks to the versatile plastic modules, the field can be made into any size you want. With minimal effort, the shape and size of the field can easily be altered, providing a combined field where various sports can be played on either field.

A MINI FIELD creates real value for children and the young at heart - even teachers are welcome to join in! And should you be tackled hard, falling onto the plastic flooring isn't so painful!

The Multi-field lives up to its name in every respect. It can be used for almost any ball game: football, basketball, handball, volleyball or hockey to name but a few of the exciting sports for which the Multi-Field is ideal.

The Multi-Field has the same hard-wearing qualities as all the other Ikadan solutions. The field is based on their well known, maintenance-free Multiflex boarding system, shock absorbent flooring, sturdy goals at each end and functional fittings, posts and accessories. A complete solution with countless possibilities.

Divide the field and share the fun. The Multi-Field can be sectioned, allowing several games to be played at once. Such flexibility ensures plenty of fun and enjoyment for ball control artists of all ages. It can be of great benefit when a whole tournament is to be played in the course of the day. Spectators too can enjoy the added excitement of watching
several activities at once.

Field Size (examples): 10 x 20m 14 x 28m 20 x 40m
Floor size: 12 x 22m 16 x 30m 22 x 42m
Field area: 200sqm 392sqm 800sqm
Floor area: 264sqm 480sqm 924sqm

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