What we offer…

We are proud to partner with All-in-Play to provide in-ground Play Safe Trampolines® ideal for supervised and unsupervised play areas such as School Playgrounds, Kindergartens, Recreation Clubs, Holiday Parks, Motels, Council Parks, Shopping Centers and many more locations.

The Play Safe Trampoline® is great for safety, value, longevity and excitement and also caters for disability and all ages.

We are proud to offer an activity that is ideally suited for people in a wheelchair and with limited mobility. View our VIDEO HERE


  • Critical fall height 700mm

  • Wheel chair ramps for entry and exit not required due to slim rubber surround

  • No safety enclosure required

  • Minimum distance between each individual trampoline is 2.5m

  • Design standard compliant

  • Soft-fall can be applied to match surroundings if required

  • Comes in three Sizes/ Models (Kindy, Wheely and Track) Kindy is not suitable for wheelchair use.

    • Kindy Matt Size 75cm x 75cm

    • Wheely Matt Size 1.5m x 1.05m

    • Track Matt Size 2.5m x 1.05m