Jumping Pillows® bring real fun back with bounce

Welcome to the home of the Original Jumping Pillow® and Officially the first to bring this product to the global market as a highly developed concept engineered for safety and of course loads of fun!

6 Reasons to Choose an Original Jumping Pillow®:

  • We are the Original Jumping Pillows® and the only authorized Australian Dealer
  • We use the highest quality PVC available to the market
  • Successfully established within Australia for over 10 years with more than 500 installations
  • We follow the well respected European/ World TUV Certification for installation standards
  • We have over 25 years of worldwide installation knowledge to draw from
  • The Jumping Pillows® registered brand name has been proven to generate business for clients from visiting tourists from all over the world

While there are copies in the Marketplace there is only one Original Jumping Pillow®. We have dealers across the world including, USA, NZ, South Africa and many parts of Europe with thousands of Jumping Pillows® installed.

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