Jumping Pillows® bring real fun back with bounce

Welcome to the home of the Original Jumping Pillow® and officially the first to bring this product to the global market as a highly developed concept engineered for safety and of course loads of fun!


Here are Reasons to Choose an Original Jumping Pillow®:

  1. We are the Original Jumping Pillows® and the only authorized Australian & NZ Dealer
  2. We use the highest quality PVC available to the market
  3. Successfully established within Australia and NZ in 2003 with over 500 installations
  4. Jumping Pillows® throughout the world follow the well respected European/ World TUV Certification for installation standards. On top of this, here in Australia and NZ, all our Jumping Pillows®  have also been certified to Australian and NZ Standard AU-NZ 3533
  5. We have over 30 years of worldwide installation knowledge to draw from
  6. The Jumping Pillows® Trademark has been proven to generate business for clients from visiting tourists from all over the world
  7. We do indoor Jumping Pillows® as well as Outdoor Jumping Pillows®


While there still may be copies in the Marketplace, there is only one Original Jumping Pillow®. We have dealers across the world including, USA, South Africa and many parts of Europe with thousands of Jumping Pillows® installed. The Jumping Pillows® trademark is now a very well known worldwide product.



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