Q. How long does it take to install a Jumping Pillow®?
A. Just one day, weather permitting.

Q. What is the life span of a Jumping Pillow®?
A. Anywhere between 3-9 years plus. This is dependent on UV exposure, use, climate, soil quality underneath and quality of PVC chosen.

Q. How safe is a Jumping Pillow®?
A. With so many people of all shapes and sizes jumping all at the same time, you would be forgiven if you thought that there would be a lot of accidents, however there are very good reasons why this does not happen:
- the Jumping Pillow® is low level
- there are no hard surfaces to land on
- a roll-off area of sand is maintained around the entire periphery of the Jumping Pillow
- a 1/2” thick soft rubber cushion is installed underneath the Jumping Pillow® at the point where it meets ground level
- the unique design of the Jumping Pillow® is such, that the jumping of one person has minimal effect on the bounce of another - totally different dynamics to that of a trampoline or jumping castle
- Timers turn the Jumping Pillow
® off at dusk or a time of your choosing. When the Jumping Pillow is off, it deflates to ground level and cannot be used

Q. What is the warranty of a Jumping Pillow®?
A. Our warranties range from 3 to 5 years

Q. Whys is sand used as soft fall?
A. Sand has been proven worldwide to be the best soft fall material as it is safer than wet pour rubber, less slippery than PVC mats and performs better outdoors than other materials

Q. What are the Australian installation standards?
A. Jumping Pillows® is Certified to Australian and NZ Standard 3533.4.2

Q. What is the minimum land area we would require to install a Jumping Pillow®?
A. The land size starts from 11m x 12m for our smallest standard size, however we can customize to most sizes.